Author Topic: Hyper fusionfly bug is back  (Read 98 times)


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Hyper fusionfly bug is back
« on: February 11, 2020, 10:56:19 PM »
Yes, the hyper fusionfly once again has its own drop table which includes ultra rare items such as the sapphire angel shoes, tech camo shoes, eduardo shoes, leopard shoes and the neutrino engine. This issue *was* patched in v2.6 but has somehow resurfaced, I can only speculate that it was accidentally reverted in one of the recent patches and has since gone unnoticed by the FF community until now.
Well what does this mean? After two and a half hours of grinding the mobs at Huntor's Crest i can confirm that the regular fusionflies and the wooly behemoths once again share the same drop table and the Hyper fusionfly has what's suppose to be the fusionflies' drop table.
I am assuming with the game being out for over a year now that most of the players already have these items so it won't be as big of a problem as it was last time but this still sucks for newer players as it makes some items especially the ultra rare items named above almost impossible to obtain without AFK farming the hyper fusionfly which is not healthy gameplay in my opinion. Hope this gets patched again so we don't have to deal with AFK farming again.

*Also on the same note of incorrect drop tables, the level 30 Freakosaurus Rexes in the Fire Pits IZ are still dropping level 31 crates/items. The rexes share the same drop table as the skull bashers in huntor's crest and this has been a bug since the game's release; in my opinion the rexes should drop the same items as the lizard kings at the fire pits since there are only a few of them as opposed to the many stone drakes and miasma hulks. Thanks for listening and I do wish that these bugs get fixed.
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