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We've Got the Power!
« on: August 20, 2016, 02:55:33 PM »
Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce you to the new look of the Powerpuff girls!

As you can see, their actual designs haven't changed at all. The original designs were just too good. However, we have updated all of their textures! Now, you may wonder, "Why would they update the textures if the designs haven't changed at all?" The truth is, the original textures were pretty out of style when compared to the rest of the characters! They had too much shading textured on, there were outlines all over the place… it was a bit of a mess. Not to mention their eyes were hardly in the FusionFall style!

You might also notice from these side by sides that their models have been modified as well! As it turns out, their original models were hardly consistent between each other, proportion-wise. Some of them were taller than others, their arms and legs were different widths, etc. etc. Our team decided it would benefit the overall look and cohesiveness of the game if these three sisters looked consistent if you were to put them all next to each other.
Where did the inspiration for these new textures come from? Well, as it turns out, Ace’s mysterious new band member Belladonna required nearly no editing (besides a very miniscule edit to the face and some slight adjustment of proportions), as she was the closest to the actual style. I based the style of the other girls’ textures on that of Belladonna’s textures.

There are a few other characters we’re editing to match their art more, so keep your eyes peeled for those.
As well as fixing up characters to match their original designs, we’re doing a little something to make the characters even more expressive. A few eagle-eyed fans might have noticed in the recent Pic of the Day featuring Dee Dee, her texture was different! Her mouth was closed! What could this mean?!
Well, we’re giving characters facial expressions that play during their animations! Some of the characters could look a little lifeless with just their one facial expression that would be present in all of their animations, so we felt this would be a nice little touch to give them that extra bit of life. You can see a few of the new facial expressions in the video below.


Speaking of expressions, we’re also giving them to quite a few nanos! These will display during certain animations while your player emotes and your nano does the same, as well as during a few other animations.

And while we’re talking about nanos, here’s a new one!

Say hello to Nano Belladonna!

We’d like to think of this new nano as a special treat to the hardcore fans of the original game. As you can see, Nano Belladonna’s design has been in development for quite some time. Through several revisions, we finally landed on the final design before we went hands on and made her! Just like most other nanos, she will be receiving expressions to match her animations, and just like the Buttercup Nano, she’s a Blastons type. We’ve also thrown in a teaser of a few more nanos from the Powerpuff Girls series.

See you next time!


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