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FusionFall: Retro Devblog 005
« on: September 06, 2016, 01:28:45 AM »
Hello everyone, here's our second devblog for tonight. This time we're re-introducing groups!
In case you forgot, groups allow you to warp into fusion lairs with friends, share group nano abilities and also shows your friends' health, nano, level, and a private chat between group members only.

Remember that when you want to warp in or out of a lair together, you have to be close to each other. Only 4 players are allowed in a group, unfortunately we can't raise this limit. Groups are another component of our invite system that we have in place. Like in the original, invites can be "stacked" up. This means that if two people invite you to a group, and then another two people invite you to a trade, you get them all in order. Same goes for trade and buddy invites.

In the original game, you may have also noticed how some monsters moved in groups, usually with a big leader in the middle, with all of the smaller monsters around the leader. These will also be featured in Retro, and attacking one of the monsters will cause other members of the group to also start attacking you. Here's a screenshot from the original that shows this:

We plan to have a new devblog on Friday this week, in a more timely manner. We've been busy with adding new things and preparing the game for the beta stage. We're getting close and we thank you for your patience and support. In case you missed it, also check our previous Devblog we posted today recapping the livestream yesterday.
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