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Halloween Spooktacular (Part 1)
« on: October 24, 2016, 01:30:00 PM »
Thatís right, our Halloween development blog is gonna be a two-parter this time around! For the first round, this week features some spooky spawns and even spookier items!

But first, letís talk a little bit about boss monsters. In the original FusionFall, mobs in the world featured boss variations, that were simply beefier, scaled up versions of the original ones. This time around, we wanted to play around with the idea of boss monsters feeling a little more intimidating and unique to fight. One of the many ways we can do that is by making them LOOK more intimidating!

To the left are the original spooky monsters from FusionFall. And to the right are their super-powered boss variations, complete with a huge rescale in both size and power. You best keep on your feet, because these monsters pack a punch. We want boss fights and boss monsters to feature unique fighting styles and gameplay elements unlike what you might find through small minions and Spawns.

Weíve even upgraded the status to this iconic vampire monster to super boss! Mobs like Don Doom and Bad Max fit in this category, and so does Batty Bloodsucker. Heíll roam the graveyard, acting like he owns the place, and it's your job to set him straight. But be warned, this vicious vampire can control bats to do his evil bidding. Youíll have to fight through swarms to get through to hit him directly.

Defeating Batty Bloodsucker and various other bosses and Halloween themed beasts will yield some awesome loot. But just to up the ante, weíve even made sure to include a whole ton of Halloween themed spooky items and costume related garb to keep you ready for the trick or treating season.

Finally, Fusion Spawns will be getting a bit of a makeover to get in the Halloween spirit. Thatís right, Fusion Spawns seem to have taken a liking to our seasonal decorations. During the Halloween season for example, all Fusion Spawns around the FusionFall world will be Pumpkin Spawns instead! Itís only a graphical change, so the Fusion Spawns are still there, they just a little different.

Just a reminder, this part one of a two part Halloween spooktacular! We'll be back with even more spooky stuff to show off next time!
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