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Devblog - They Came From Townsville Zoo!
« on: February 15, 2017, 10:42:39 PM »

Developer’s Note: Hey, everyone! We realized we hadn’t actually gone into detail about the previously shown off Zoo Crew content on the FusionFall Universe site yet, so we decided to also include most of it in this devblog as well, showcasing the various changes we've made. We also wanted to make sure all this information was out there before we went back to focusing on revealing entirely new content. That said, we've got quite a few devblogs coming down the pipeline we think you'll really like!

While already featured on Music Mondays, our composer has crafted a tune for this portion of the game, and we think it helps set the mood.

I was working the Zoo case. It wasn’t good work, but the pay more than made up for it. At the very least I had something to look forward to when I got back to the office. The overcast sky did a number on my nerves- it made an otherwise routine investigation a waking nightmare. It was quiet - about as quiet as when the old rabbit wants to know just who it was that renovated the ladies’ bathroom into a private office.

Boomer and Jackie Khones’ updated appearances. You’ll notice that characters in FusionFall Legacy are capable of making a wide variety of expressions, but we’ll have more on what those are used for in a future devblog!

I was hired by this kid, goes by Boomer. Good kid, lousy detective. It’s like he hasn’t even read the guide. Thankfully, I’ve already gotten to the fifth to last chapter. It was up to me to carry the team.

Jackie Nano’s updated appearance, now 20/20!

And carry the team I did. I carried all kinds of teams, actually. These fun-sized Jackies flew all over the place like wasps in a windstorm. About as deadly as wasps, too.

Boomer Nano’s updated appearance, with freckles!

Even the kid got his own miniature. Although, his luck was about as bad as a broken mirror stashed beneath a ladder. The “kick me” sign was not his friend.

The dame over at City Hall asked us to find the missing zoo animals. At first, it went about as well as trying to crash a Rod Tango premiere -- impossible. As we ventured further into the jungle of empty cages and barren exhibits, we saw something. I couldn’t believe my eye. Had we found one of the missing animals?

Gorillions were in the original game as Monkey Foothills’ Dire Apes. We’ve slightly updated their appearance, and changed the name to reflect the lion’s tail this monster is equipped with.

As luck would have it, we hadn’t. This thing might have looked like an animal, or even a whole bunch of ‘em, but it wasn’t even close. Turns out it’s a freaky otherworldly creature made by some creep named Fuse. I knew from looking at him that he meant trouble. Boomer and I ducked out of there as quick as we could.

The Grand Gorrillion leads his pack through the Zoo’s unhinged cages.

As we headed away from that monster, the trouble only grew. My partner and I figured wherever these freaks were coming from was where we’d find our answers. Avoiding painful encounters wasn’t easy, though. There were creeps around every corner.

The Roadblock Rhino is a completely new monster! These construction-inspired creeps charge on sight!

One of these previously mentioned creeps looked like he had a run in with one of Morbucks’ construction crew. He got the better end of the deal, though. A hard hat and armor to boot. Not something a Private Eye prefers to get tangled with.

Roadblock Rampage can be found stomping the zoo parking lot into rubble with his crew.

He wasn’t alone, though. These guys had bosses, like all good mooks do. They were bigger and sported Fuse’s signature green. I’m familiar with green, however, and not the kind you get from the bank. I wasn’t sure how much further down the rabbit hole I really wanted to go, but then I remembered that I had something special waiting for me back at the office. I had to figure out this case and get my just desserts.

Only briefly seen during the Fusion Safari event from the original game, the newly upgraded Elephantine Freaks find a permanent home at the Townsville Zoo.

Reality hit me like a sack of bricks. We had next to no clues, and the kid was getting antsy. They never mentioned anything about aliens in the guidebook. This lousy excuse of a zoo wasn’t anywhere for a Private Eye. Even the paperwork back at the office would be better than this. And the paper back there isn’t the kind you write on. Not with a pen, anyway.

The Elephantine Enforcer seems to be the one calling the shots, but does he report to his own commander?

Anyways, more monsters showed up and even less clues followed behind. It almost seemed like a case too big for Jackie Khones. Whoever was in charge of these monsters seemed to be especially keen on the elephant-looking one, though. Boomer thought it could be related to the perpetrator; some sort of pachyderm prejudice. But what would an elephant want with a bunch of zoo animals? Last I checked, they were only interested in peanuts. At the very least, it was a lead. And you know what the fat lady says, it ain’t over ‘til it’s all said and done.

This case was about more than just animals, though. It ran deeper - much deeper. Through this case, two would be united - brought together in that very special way words can hardly describe. A madhouse of intertwining fates, destined for one thing and one thing only.

I knew I had to push through, or else…

I wouldn’t be able to sink my teeth into a freshly made ham on rye. The world’s greatest sandwich -- something that truly makes any case worth the trouble. The perp was still at large, and the animals were still missing, but I think my client and I will be able to crack this case.

 After lunch, of course.


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