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A Devblog About Nothing
« on: April 01, 2017, 01:40:14 AM »

So, whatís the deal with the cardboard castle? I mean, whatís it stopping the Fusions, honestly? Itís just cardboard! You could just knock it over, am I right folks? HehÖ umÖ okÖ moving on...

Anyway, Iíve been given the honor and privilege of posting this particular devblog. And what a devblog we have in store. Oh, but before I get started, Iím Edd, or Double D if you prefer. Iím the uh...More intellectually capable of the three Eds, so they thrust upon me the responsibility to convey all the information being revealed today.

How do you like our brand new Eddy makeover? That is to say, you too can look like the king himself with an all new hairstyle and item set! In fact, this hairstyle is exclusive to Peach Creek Commons, and comes in two variants! Wear it with pride! If you have enough taros to complete the look, that is. Otherwise, no soup for you!

This is all part of the Summer of Eddy!

Eddyís model in FusionFall Legacy has been revamped and touched up to better match his original FusionFall artwork. Truly now fit for a king!

Here you can directly compare the different details that have been changed. On the left is Eddyís original appearance in FusionFall, and the right is his appearance in FusionFall Legacy. What an improvement!

The three of us Eds have been up to all kinds of misadventures since Lord Fuse invaded. Recently, Eddy single-handedly pulled out a blowfish egg that was stuck in a water pipe, removing the obstruction. I donít know if it was divine intervention, but I swear to you, at that moment, Eddy was a marine biologist!

While I felt I looked fairly adequate in the original game, the team responsible for FusionFall Legacy sure has changed a fairly reasonable portion of my character model! Look at that beaming smile! You know, Iím actually one of the four main guides in FusionFall Legacy! I hate to step over my fellow guides, but I must advise you to choose me as your mentor to guide you throughout your journey.

My my, intriguing! Just like in the original game, FusionFall Legacy features nano versions of us three Eds. With the new nano system, all three of us have the honor of being primary nanos! Other than that, nothing seems to have changed aside from some slightly higher resolution textures and the toon shader, but my does it work wonders.

Itís not often we Eds get the spotlight, so as you can tell Iím quite excited. Thank you so much for joining us for this exciting preview of FusionFall Legacy! Before we end things off today, weíll be taking an in-depth look at what exactly is under my hat...


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